Avoid Injury in Tennis

We all know that tennis is a healthy and fun sport to practice but like in any other popular sport, we must be careful in order to avoid a major injury in tennis.

Ankles and Elbows

One common injury in tennis is the sprained ankle. The quick sideways movements can cause your ankle to twist, especially if you are playing on wet surfaces. Prevent sprained ankle by wearing stable well tied shoes or an ankle brace to reduce the risk. Tennis elbow is a well-known injury in tennis players where they develop inflammation of tendons and muscles of the forearm and upper arm bone. This injury can also be caused by too much vibration in the racket when hitting the ball.  A vibration dampener would correct this.  A tennis elbow band would also help prevent this injury providing support of the strained tendons and muscles on the outside of the elbow.

common injury in tennis

Calves and Shoulders

An injury in tennis which I have had recent experience with would be calf strain. A strain occurs when you push-off the leg, the calf muscle is stretched beyond its limits and the tissue becomes torn. You can reduce any bleeding in the muscle tissue by initiating the “PRICE” treatment:  Protection of the injured area, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This method can be used for almost any injury in tennis. For the calf, many people find that a Neoprene Calf Support provides reassurance and heat therapy after a calf muscle injury.  Shoulder strain is another injury in tennis you can prevent if you warm up and stretch the shoulders 10 minutes before a game or practice. Also eating a diet high in carbs at least two days before a match provides a good supply of energy for working muscles. Juicing can be very beneficial for sports health, and it’s imperative to replenish fluids by drinking water, sports drinks or even low fat milk to replace electrolytes lost during extended play.