Serena Heats Up the WTA Finals Opener Big Time!

Serena Williams is a tennis player that definitely gets plenty of headlines. She’s a fierce competitor with plenty of titles to her credit. The highs and lows of Serena’s career have been absolutely fun to keep up with, but what about that WTA Finals opener? Williams really knocked it out of the park and made sure that everyone will be talking about her for quite a while.

There were quite a few hold ups. For starters, the venue was new. From there, multiple injuries and reports of fatigue plagued the famous tennis star. And if that wasn’t enough, there were insulting remarks from a Russian tennis official that were downright sexist and racist. It’s enough to make most want to stay at home and sleep the day away, but Williams didn’t take the easy road at all.

Serena Williams

Williams showed up to make her 16th win, beating Ana Ivanovic. The score went down a repetitive 6-4, 6-4. The tournament opened on Monday of this week, and it was a full out battle between Williams and Ivanovic. Williams had a very sluggish start, leading some to feel that Williams might be losing her tough. But she shook off whatever worries and tension that were still lurking and delivered a very impressive performance.

There’s quite a bit of speculation still in the air. Tennis fans will remember that Williams is only five wins shy of being tied with Martina Navratilova’s record of 21 back to back wins. The year is almost up, so Williams won’t have a chance to go for the record breaker in 2014, but there’s always next year!

The tournament was moved from Istanbul to Singapore, new ground for Williams. Ivanovic said after the match was over that Williams delivered a very hard volley that was nearly impossible to catch. Williams´s performance included an impressive 12 aces. She admitted to feeling her knee still bothering her, but she was focused on doing her best. Read More »